Whoa. Real Hands-Free!

The breakthrough design of ROIDMI EVA is the combination of a dust collection station and an automatic mop cleaning module in one. The oversized dust bag is big enough to collect dust for 60 days. The 4L large-capacity water tank separates clean water from wastewater. ROIDMI Eva can self-clean when it is dirty and will continue to mop after that. Also the soft wind feature helps to quick-dry the mop, which can be anti-mold and anti-odor.

2-in-1 vacuum and mop, ROIDMI EVA wet and dry automatic robotic vacuum gives you 3 ways to clean in 1 revolutionary robot. Support 3 modes - "vacuuming and mopping mode", "vacuuming mode", "mopping mode". Multiple cleaning modes satisfy your different cleaning needs and handle different situation.


Established in early 2015, ROIDMI is an innovation company that provides vacuum cleaning and beauty products for consumers worldwide. As a global brand and leader in the vacuum cleaner industry, ROIDMI products have been sold in over 157 countries and regions around the world. ROIDMI’s core focus is creating quality hi-tech products for consumers worldwide. It owns over 317 patents. ROIDMI product designs have won six international design awards; including iF, Red Dot and Good Design awards. Teeming with innovation, R&D and cutting edge technology, ROIDMI strives to continue creating valuable, healthy and consumer friendly products.